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The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food (IJSAF) is the primary publication outlet for the Research Committee on Food and Agriculture (RC-40) of the International Sociological Association. It actively seeks out high-quality manuscripts that present theoretically informed research on issues related to the social organization of food and agriculture. Manuscripts are welcomed from scholars across the social sciences including sociology, science and technology, human geography, political science, consumer management and environmental studies. IJSAF welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to food and agriculture issues. IJSAF also welcomes manuscripts from and about all regions of the World.
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Published: 2020-05-01


Passive feeding or active learning in the kindergarten foodscape?

Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
Abstract 225 | PDF Downloads 244

Page 1-25

Towards Towards sustainable family farming and independent food co-operatives in Cuba?

Reidar Almås, Vegard Bye
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 215

Page 26-47

Page 48-68

“If I need to put more armor on, I can’t carry more guns”:

Julie Guthman, Erica Zurawski
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 213

Page 69-88

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